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Miguel's Copier Repair

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Things to consider

Color or B/W


Do you need color?  

Keep in mind that it costs 4 times as much to print on a puny desktop color printer than on a stand-alone color copier.  

Buying a color copier may save you money in the long run.

Speed! & Size


  If you need speed, we have you covered.  Our machines are capable of printing from 25-100+ PPM.

If you don't need to print anything bigger than LGL size paper, consider purchasing an A4 machine.  Just remember if you get a small machine, you can't install all the cool accessories. 



Let's name a few:

  • Finisher: staples and sorts documents.
  • Hole Puncher:  punches 2/3 holes.
  • Folding Unit:  makes booklets and pamphlets.
  • Mail Box:  provides multiple output trays for busy offices.
  • Extra Paper Trays:  add paper capacity.

Your in control


  • Security:  HDD erase, IPP Sec, Encrypted PDF.
  • Lock It Down:  restrict access to your machine.  Unlock the machine with ID cards, user login, or PIN IDs.

Oh the Technology


  • Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print.
  • Send email right from the copier.
  • Remotely fax documents.
  • Store documents on the Copier.

New or Refurbished?


We refurbish machines in-house.  They come with the same warranty as a new machine.

Advanced Software

Teaching Assistant


Create and grade custom tests using plain paper.  Let the machine grade your tests for you.  Call for a Demo!

Command Center RX


Manage your copier using the built-in website:

  • Create access codes.
  • Add address to the address book.
  • Even control the Copier without ever leaving your desk. 

Net Viewer


Manage your entire fleet from a single computer:

  • Track toner usage.
  • Keep track of counters.
  • Update software.
  • Clone a machine.
  • Manage print ques.



Put the document in the copier & press one button to run a pre-defined customized workflow. 

Example:  You need to scan an invoice to 3 different locations, and enter the data into your SQL Database.

Load the invoice and press START:-->>

  1. The copier reads the invoice and records the NAME, DATE, TOTAL into your SQL Database. 
  2. Then it converts the invoice to PDF, Word, and TIFF.
  3. Sends the PDF to accounting, the Word file to your computer, & finally emails the customer the TIFF file as a receipt. 

Card Authentication


Use your existing HID cards to logon to the copier.