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The Free Printer Program


You get free printers:

You are not charged for the printer.  All you pay for is service.


You get full service:

For a low cost per page you get:

  • Toner
  • Parts
  • Monitoring
  • On-site and Remote Support
  • Repairs


Let us take care of all your printing needs.

We will handle it all.  All you pay for is service.

The Average Printer Fleet


The average office.

The average office has about 3 heavily used printers.  And prints roughly 24K pages per printer, per year.

The average printer.

The average B/W printer costs ~$700-$1,000.  Has a lifespan of 3-5 years.  Requires service once every 2 years.  And costs 2¢ - 4¢ to print a page.

The average service call.

The average repair costs between $100 & $250.  

Total Cost of Ownership.

The average printer fleet requires an initial investment of $2,100 - $3,000 (the cost of the printers).  Toner costs between $1,440 & $2,880 per year.  And requires one service call per unit, every year.

Whereas an FPP fleet has no upfront costs, no surprise repair costs, and is fully managed and maintained by a team of experts.     


Why go with the FPP?

Let's Compare the FPP with traditional ownership:

Traditional Ownership:

  • You purchase the printers.
  • You pay for toner.
  • You pay for repairs.
  • You pay for parts.

The FPP:

  • The printers are free.
  • The setup is free.
  • Repairs & maintenance are handled by Miguel's Copier.
  • You only pay for service, on a price per page basis.

Service – For a low cost per page we provide you with free printers, toner, maintenance, parts & repairs.

How much does service cost? – It costs roughly the same amount as you currently spend on toner alone.  

The cost depends on the model of printer you request, and how many pages you print on average.  Keep in mind, the more you print, the cheaper the cost.  

Periodic Maintenance – Unlike other companies, we preform periodic maintenance to keep your machines in working order.  Other companies wait for you to breakdown before coming on site.  Not us, We Hate Breakdowns.  They cost time/money, and cause frustration.  We catch problems before they occur.

Do I Qualify for the FPP? – Anyone may qualify for the FPP, but it may not be cost effective for everyone.  If you print on average 1-2K pages per month or more than the FPP will save you money.  

At Miguel's we work for the customer.  That means providing you with the most appropriate printing solution.  Call today for a free consultation; we will preform a cost/benefit analysis of your printer fleet.  We will find the best solution to fit your needs.   

Get a free consultation

Call today to setup a free evaluation of your printer fleet.  We will do a cost/benefit analysis, and find the best solution.

Multiple options to fit your needs

We've got a configuration just for you.


Desktop MFPs


Production Color Printers


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